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Sunset Cruise on the Butler Chain

Sunsets are one of the most beautiful times of day in Florida, and even more breathtaking on the water. What better way to enjoy the evening than to have someone drive you around in a pontoon while you sip a glass of wine and take in the beauty. Sounds great right?!

It is true. Sunset cruises are beautiful and an amazing experience anytime you get to do them.

However, hiring someone to drive you around requires them to have a special license, special insurance, etc etc. Not to mention their vessel has to meet different criteria than a normal personal vessel does.

We get asked a lot by customers if they can keep the boats longer to drive them around during the sunset hours. We would LOVE to! But darkness falls quick, and nighttime navigation on unfamiliar waters is an insurance liability. Sunset Cruises require hiring one of our Private Captains and are additional cost based on availability. We are working on that though! Just inquire on our Contact Us page about the Sunset Cruise on Lake Butler service! Or call 407-615-0236 to learn more.