Jun 3, 2020

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Jun 3, 2020

About: The Butler Chain of Lakes

Located conveniently between Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the Butler Chain of Lakes have been historically renowned for their excellent water quality and good fishing, perfect for recreational activities such as boating and swimming. Woven through the Country Club homes of the likes of Tiger Woods, Shaquille O’niel, and Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge, your Luxury Pontoon cruise will be a relaxing sightseeing day to remember.

The Butler Chain of Lakes has over 5,000 acres in surface water; distributed in the following 13 interconnected lakes: Down (900 acres), Little Lake Down (23 acres), Wauseon Bay (100 acres), Butler (1,600 acres), Louise (140 acres), Isleworth (86 acres), Blanche (121 acres), Chase (135 acres), Tibet-Butler (1,200 acres), Unnamed lake (14 acres), Sheen (656 acres), Pocket (126 acres) and Little Fish (23 acres). The Butler Chain has a total of 32 navigable canals.

Butler Lake Tours - Bird Island

Quick Facts

  • 13 interconnected lakes
  • 3 Country Clubs
  • 2 Public boat ramps
  • 1 Marina (Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill)
  • Over 5,000 acres in surface water
  • 32 navigable canals
  • Uninhabited island with Sand Bar
  • Part of the 8,676 acre Cypress Creek Watershed
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